The New Zealand Government Launches New Investor Migrant Visa

Active Investor Plus Visa: The New Zealand government has declared a new investor type for cash-up and high-skilled immigrants wishing to actively invest in the New Zealand economy.

Active Investor Plus Visa

The new “Active Investor Plus Visa”, which will open for applications from September 19, will replace two existing investor immigrant categories.

New Zealand will have a minimum investment of $5 million for active investment under the new scheme. This would limit so-called passive investments to 50% of the minimum $15 million investment.

Passive investment in detailed equity(s) will only be permitted to include 50% of the new investment, while assets in bonds and assets will not be counted as a passive investment.

Immigration Minister Said

Economic and Regional Development Minister Stuart Nash and Immigration Minister Michael Wood declared the new regulations in Christchurch on Wednesday.

They have been recalculated to enable better ‘active’ investment in New Zealand businesses. The government hopes these differences to draw more active and professional investors.

“The new visa stages will attract active and high-value immigrants who will get their international expertise to support New Zealand businesses succeed, thereby improving local employment and directly helping the economy,” Nash said.

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Wood said

“Applicants who make good immediate investments will, among other conditions, be suitable for a new visa with a $5m minimum investment and obtain the most elevated rating which is a lower minimum payment than those who prefer more avoiding assets. For avoiding investments The lowest amount needed would be $15m,” Wood said.

Under the new rules, future applicants can invest over three years and keep the acquisition till the fourth year. Applicants must pay at least 117 days in New Zealand for an investment term of four years, or around one month a year.

“Finishing time here also raises the possibility for the more active asset. The differences align with similar investor immigrant settings in Australia,” Wood said.

All present applications underneath Investor 1 and Investor 2 classes will continue to be processed, but new applications will not be taken after July 27. Applications for the new plan will start on September 19.

The new regulations are part of a wider shift in the immigration system. The government declared immigration ‘reset’ in May, which brought several important modifications to the immigration system. The minister who made that change, Chris Fafoi, has since retired from politics.

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