280,000 Green Cards Ready To Be Received Before 30th September Deadline

USCIS is racing against duration to allocate 280,000 green cards before the fiscal year ends on Sept 30.

280,000 Green Cards

While employment-based green cards were open through the pandemic, as of mid-June 2022, due to sealed and fixed procedures at US embassies and consular offices, USCIS and the US Department of State (DOS) in particular once considered In comparison noted more visa usage. Also released in FY 2021

USCIS isolated is using visas every week more than replication what it was at this moment in fiscal 2021.

149,733 employment-based immigrant visas

As of May 31, 2022, the 2 agencies connected have employed 149,733 employment-based immigrant visas.

“We are determined to take every possible policy and procedural effort to maximize our usage of all known visas by the ending of the fiscal year,” USCIS said in a report.

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Data from the US Visa Office offers the US government held 66,781 new employment-based green cards in the fiscal year 2021, actually, as 1.4 million immigrants are queuing up for them. Most of them are Indians, who hold been stuck in the green card backlog for years.

180,000 Green Cards Last Year

USCIS ultimately allocated 180,000 green cards last year—more than a specific year while less than the total available.

According to news in the Times of India, the processing time for employer-sponsored green cards struck the three-year waiting period in 2022.

Spending the $2,500 fee can decrease this delay to at least 7 months, lowering it to “only” two years and ]five months. The government has added about 16 months to the average green card process since 2016, with over a year added in 2021 and 2022 alone.

Employer-sponsored immigrants move via six steps, including a prefiling stage, in which the applicant and employer are required to deliver papers to confirm their eligibility for a green card.

The Labor Department then considers the overall wage, skill level, and area code. In terms of pay focus, the waiting time has tripled to 182 days in 2022, from 76 in 2016.

Source – Economictimes Indiatimes

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