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Jobs in Germany: Germany Is Creating It Easier For Immigrants To Become Permanent Residents.

Thousands of migrants who have been living in Germany for years without authorization to stay in the country for a long time will be eligible for permanent residency behind the government’s agreement on a new migration bill. The new rule, authorized by the cabinet, involves to about 136,000 people living in Germany for at least 5 years until January 1, 2022.

Permanent Residency in Germany

Those who authorize can first apply for one-year residence status and subsequently apply for permanent residency in Germany.

People under the age of 27 can apply for permanent residency in Germany after holding living in the country for 3 years.

“We want the well-integrated someone in our country to have good chances,” Interior Minister Nancy Fesser told reporters. He has evolved a part of our society.”

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The new immigration rule would also create it easier for asylum solicitors to learn German – so far only those with a real chance of getting sanatorium in the country were qualified for language classes – providing all asylum applicants the chance to register in classes.

For skilled workers, such as information technology professionals and others who hold professions that are desperately needed in Germany, the new rule will allow them to move to Germany with their relatives directly, which was not feasible before. Family partners are not needed to have any language skills before moving into the country.

“We require to attract skilled workers more rapidly. We require them urgently in many sectors,” Faesar said. “We want skilled workers to come to Germany very fast and set foot here.”

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