The UK opens a temporary visa plan for seasonal workers until the end of 2024

The UK government announced on Friday that it is opening a temporary visa plan for foreigner seasonal workers until the end of 2024, will it’ll slowly reduce quotes from 2023.

30K Visas for Workers (Temporary Visa)

The government declared next year it would offer 30K visas for workers to come to the UK for 6 months to pick up fruits, vegetables, and flowers, potentially growing that number to 40K.

But from the start of 2023, the number of visas “will start to fall”, the management said, counting that it is pursuing “a plan from the sector to miss support on foreign labor”.

The sector should increase wages and conditions, the government said, adding that it was changing the scheme’s rules to require employers to pay a “minimum wage”.

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Kevin Foster, Minister of Safe and Legal Migration, said the “narrow development” strikes the proper balance of helping drive while supplying work and prioritizing household workers.

Following Brexit, as it evolved explicitly that the UK was hanging on migrant workers in different low-paying sectors, including farming, the plan was established as a pilot in March 2019 to compel non-EU workers to go.

It was then grown in December last year with 30K visas available.

Farming Workers

Information to reduce visa numbers for farming workers from 2023 has been criticized by a Scottish farmer manager, where migrant workers are mainly in demand.

Scott Walker, chief director of the National Farmers Union Scotland, tweeted that the administration was “bringing out the bad news on Christmas Evening”, counting that the information to reduce visa digits from 2023 was “catastrophic news for Scottish soft fruits and vegetables”.

Regardless, Tom Bradshaw, vice president of the National Farmers Union, expressed in a report that it is positive that the government is providing farmers “transparency on the future of the program for the next 3 years”.

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Source: The Economic Times

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