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Jobs in Canada Reach High Level Record in Q3 2021

Jobs in Canada: According to a new report from Statistics Canada, It had an all-time high of 912,600 job vacancies (Jobs in Canada) in the third quarter of 2021.

The record-high level of job vacancies was due to an increase in overall employment and a drop in unemployment.

High-Level Record

According to this, Here the job vacancies of 912,600 in Q3 2021 were 62.1% higher (349,700 more jobs) than in Q3 2019.

Job vacancies increased in 18 of the 20 major industrial sectors between Q3 2019 and 2021.

Nearly 68% increase occurred in five areas:

  • Accommodation & Food Services
  • Health Care & Social Support
  • Construction
  • Retail Trade & Manufacturing

Even before the pandemic, there was an increasing need for workers in the region due to Canada’s growing population. Nurse aid, command, and patient service aide (24,100) and registered nurse and registered psychiatric nurse (22,800) were among the occupations with the most vacancies in Q3 2021.

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Housing and food services contributed about 25% of all job vacancies growth over the past two years. The high level of job vacancies was likely due to staff challenges related to reopening businesses and the sector is facing generally strong labor demand in the summer.

CPI Growth

Compensation development was higher than the CPI growth in 155 of the 373 careers for which wage data were known in the comparison period. The most elevated increases in job vacancies formed construction trade assistants and laborers, cooks, retailers, & nurse aides, order and patient service associates.

The proposed average wage for these occupations increased by 9.7% and the average hourly wage for all employees in these occupations increased by 8.4%.

The report concluded that the Canadian labor market is improving by the end of the third quarter of 2021. For example, the unemployment rate was 6.0% which is within 0.3% of its pre-COVID February 2020 level of 5.7%.

COVID Cases (Omicron Variant)

On the other hand, it is important to note that Canada is experiencing a resurgence in COVID cases, with the Omicron variant becoming more prevalent. This has resulted in increased public safety measures that may affect Canada’s employment picture in subsequent Statistics Canada research.

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