One Step Closer To Eliminating The Country Cap On US Green Cards

One step closer to easing the immigration of skilled workers into the US, two senators have presented the Equal Access to Green Cards for Legal Employment (EAGLE) Act 2022 in the US Senate.


The EAGLE Act would stop the 7% per country limit on employment-based immigrant visas and extend the 7% per country limit on family-sponsored visas to 15%.

It would authorize US employers to concentrate on hiring immigrants established on merit rather than by place of birth.

The bill was approved by the US House Judiciary Committee in April.

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1.4 Lakh Employment-based Green Cards

Currently, only 1.4 lakh employment-based green cards can be allocated per year – with a limitation of 7% in individual countries.

If applicants from one country exceed the 7% allocation, a backlog forms, and additional approved requisitions are not considered until visas become known and their petitions surpass the initial 7% per-country limit. comes within.

According to data released by USCIS, there are currently 369,322 applicants with approved employment visa petitions awaiting visa availability.

EB2 & EB3 Categories

Almost all applicants are under the EB2 & EB3 categories, which are used by tech companies to sponsor visas for immigrant workers.

To deal with the backlog and expedite processing, the US Immigration Agency has eradicated personal interviews for multiple applicants.

Data from the US Visa Office conducts the US government had 66,781 new employment-based green cards in the fiscal year 2021, even as 1.4 million immigrants are waiting for them.

Source: Economictimes Indiatimes

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