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Want to Work in the UK? Know About Point-Based Immigration System & Eligibility

Work in the UK: The United Kingdom is one of the most choice destinations to work abroad. It drops in the elite group of nations where people desire to migrate for higher studies and jobs. Apart from the UK, Canada, Australia, and the US are the most choice countries.

Work in the UK

Unlike Canada and Australia, where there is a fairly sure open immigration system that permits people to evolve PRs from the day they land in the country, the UK immigration system is harsh.

Skilled Worker Visa

Earlier there used to be a Tier 2 work visa in the UK, which has now been replaced by the Skilled Worker Visa. This visa allows applicants to visit or live in the UK for an eligible job.

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Long-term work visas in the UK include the

  • Skilled Worker Visa,
  • Health and Care Worker Visa,
  • Intra-Company Visa,
  • Minister of Religion Visa (T2) and
  • International Sportsperson Visa.

The points-based system applies to most work visas, but the most common is the skilled worker visa, as the rest of the visas satisfy exact conditions. In addition, the Health and Care Worker Visa is a piece of the Skilled Worker Route in the UK.

UK points-based immigration system

A skilled worker visa can be applied for if the applicant meets certain criteria, including whether their business type permits it. In addition, the job offer must come from an employer in the UK that has been authorized by the Home Office and the applicant must have a minimum salary for the type of work done in conformity with the criteria specified by the UK.

Many factors affect the award of points for immigration. According to the UK government website, a job offer by an authorized sponsor, a job at the right skill level, and English skills at a needed level are mandatory to be qualified, with the first two each had 20 points and a weighting of English. The skill needs section has a weightage of 10 marks. In addition, 0, 10, or 20 points are granted for salary needs, trusting on the salary to be paid to the applicant, according to the Migration Advisory Committee 20 points are granted if the applicant lacks a job, 10 if the applicant has a Ph.D. in a job-related subject and get 20 marks if the Ph.D. is in a job-related STEM subject.

Minimum points required for UK Skilled Worker visa

Now reaching the most important point, the lowest limit Points. Including the required as well as tradable elements that influence the UK points system, the UK Government website states that a total of 70 points are needed to be capable to apply to work in the UK on the basis of the Skilled Worker Visa.

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The pay scale is divided into three categories:

  1. A person is awarded 0 points if their pay level is from £20,480 to £23,039 or at least 80% of the rate of departure for the profession.
  2. Whereas he gets 10 points if he is offered a salary of £23,040. £25,599 or at least 90% of the running rate for the profession.
  3. 20 points are awarded in the case of a salary of £25,600 or more or a minimum running rate for the profession.

How can I get job in the UK?

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Software Jobs
HM Revenue and Customs £26,586 – £28,918 CLICK HERE
Department for Work and Pensions £35,310 – £55,666 CLICK HERE
Home Office £37,450 – £46,144 CLICK HERE
University of Leeds £34,304 – £40,927 CLICK HERE
Accountant Jobs
Independent Office for Police Conduct £37,120 CLICK HERE
Competition & Markets Authority £41,673 – £45,337 CLICK HERE
Cabinet Office £37,300 – £40,248 CLICK HERE
University of Leeds £34,304 – £40,927 CLICK HERE
Department for Education £42,517 CLICK HERE
Human Resources Jobs
LUSH Cosmetics £30,000 to £35,000 CLICK HERE
Siemens £19,000 CLICK HERE
Hanson UK £30K – £35K CLICK HERE
Sky Betting & Gaming £33K – £44K CLICK HERE
Nurse Jobs
Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust £31K – £38K CLICK HERE
North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust £45K – £51K CLICK HERE
Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust £55K – £64K CLICK HERE
Wye Valley NHS Trust £85K – £114K CLICK HERE

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