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Canada has a budget of $85 million for the process get a fast work permit

Canada Work Permit: Canada is slowly starting to eliminate its growing backlog of immigration applications by prioritizing work permits.

In a recent discussion with the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration, Canadian Immigration Minister Sean Fraser reiterated his before deposits of enhancing processing times for work permits.

Immigration Minister Said

According to news reports, Fraser said Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will operate its $85 million budget to decrease processing times – made worse by the pandemic.

Fraser once announced that service norms for work permits, study permits, proof of citizenship, and permanent residence card regenerations would return to normal by the end of 2022.

While the funds will be used to create tools such as electronic application systems and online application trackers, IRCC Assistant Deputy Minister Daniel Mills explained that it will not necessarily enhance processing times for permanent resident applications.

Processing time for work permits

The standard processing time for work permits offered outside Canada is 60 days, except for International Experience Canada (IEC) work permits, which accept 56 days. It accepts up to 120 days for a submitted work permit attachment to be processed in Canada.

85,000 Work Permit Applications

According to information, before the pandemic, the IRCC had completed these deadlines more than 87% of the time. Official figures for 2020-2021 have not been released yet.

It arrives at a time when the backlog in Canada’s immigration services tops 1.8 million – including applications from future citizens, permanent residents, international students, temporary workers, and visitors. As of February 1, IRCC has over 85,000 work permit applications pending.

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On January 31, Minister Fraser declared that Canada plans to make 147,000 PR findings in the first quarter of 2022 – double the same period in 2021.

900,000 Jobs opportunity in Canada

There was nearly 900,000 jobs opportunity in Canada last year in November, and immigration has long been the country’s plan to support labor market growth, according to a statement by Statistics Canada.

The country designs to welcome more than 1.3 million new immigrants to the country over the next 3 years to help its economizing recover from COVID-19 and drive future growth.

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