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5 Best Benefits of Canadian Citizenship, Know From Here

There are many good causes to transition from PR to Canadian citizenship. In addition to the security and satisfaction that come with citizenship, some advantages are not available to permanent residents.

Here are five benefits of obtaining Canadian citizenship.

No Need to Renew Status

Most PR cards are correct for just 5 years. In that time, it is likely to fulfill the residency requirement for citizenship. PRs needed to be physically present in Canada for 1,095 days out of the last 5 years before applying.

Once you evolve into a citizen, there is no requirement to renew your citizenship status. Citizenship certifications are valid indefinitely.

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Job Opportunities

Canadian citizens can apply for jobs that are not open to permanent residents. Some government jobs and some jobs that require safety support are available only to Canadian citizens.

Better protection

Permanent residents can be deported no matter how long they have lived in Canada.

There are only rare cases in which citizenship status can be revoked. According to Canadian regulation, citizenship can be taken away if it was obtained by fraudulent terms, fraud, or knowingly concealing material cases. Other causes for canceling citizenship are related to security, human or global rights offenses, or organized crime.

Right to vote

Canadian citizens can vote in every type of election. They can also run for office and represent members on matters that are necessary to Canadians.

Canadian passport

Citizens get entry with a Canadian passport. Multiple countries permit Canadian passport holders to enter without a visa for certain goals.

Canada also admits dual citizenship. If your country of birth also realizes dual citizenship, you may be capable to hold 2 passports. If your country does not permit dual citizenship, you may like to explore the benefits and disadvantages of selecting one passport over the different.

Source – CIC NEWS

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