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Worley Company Jobs in Canada, USA, and Saudi Arabia | Apply Now

Worley Company Jobs: Welcome to Worley Company, a global leader in engineering, procurement, and construction services! We’re thrilled to announce exciting job opportunities in Canada, the USA, and Saudi Arabia, and we’re inviting talented individuals like you to join our dynamic team.

Worley Company Jobs

At Worley, we believe in fostering innovation, collaboration, and excellence. As we continue to expand our operations across these diverse regions, we are actively seeking motivated professionals to contribute to our success.

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Jobs in Canada- Apply

Jr / Intermediate Piping Field Designer – SAR00D3 CLICK HERE
Manager, Procurement Contracts, Mining, Minerals & Metals. CLICK HERE
Intermediate Mechanical Plant Engineer CLICK HERE
Project Control Specialist II – EDM01J5 CLICK HERE
Senior Technical Consultant, Water Scientist – EDM01J4 CLICK HERE
Intermediate / Senior Geotechnical Engineer – VAN00D8 CLICK HERE
Principal Technical Consultant, Water Engineer – TOR002R CLICK HERE
Environmental Technician Trainee – CAL01GP CLICK HERE
Graduate Environmental Scientist/Engineer/Technologist – CAL01GR CLICK HERE
Junior/New Graduate Instrumentation Engineer/Technologist CLICK HERE
Senior Project HSE Advisor – MAR00NU CLICK HERE
Senior Commercial Finance Analyst CLICK HERE
Senior Safety Technologist  – CAL01FZ CLICK HERE
Senior Instrumentation Engineer, Mining, Minerals & Metals  – MAR00OY CLICK HERE
Project Manager – Environmental Scientist – COL00CH CLICK HERE
Senior Principal Mechanical Engineer – Nuclear – TOR0033 CLICK HERE
Site Administrative Assistant – MAR00M8 CLICK HERE
Intermediate Soil Scientist  – CAL01HZ CLICK HERE
Lead Instrumentation Engineer. Mining, Minerals & Metals CLICK HERE
Principal Estimator – EDM01IX CLICK HERE
Senior Marine Structural Engineer – CAL01GU CLICK HERE
Department Manager Electrical and Automation Engineering – VAN00DC CLICK HERE
Construction Coordinator – Concrete – KIN00MK CLICK HERE
Construction Coordinator – Electrical & Instrumentation – KIN00MQ CLICK HERE
Intermediate Estimator – MAR00NM CLICK HERE
Intermediate Process Engineer – VAN00CM CLICK HERE
Senior Process Engineer – VAN00CN CLICK HERE
Manager, Estimating – MAR00N3 CLICK HERE
Piping Design Chief – EDM01J1 CLICK HERE
Construction Coordinator – Site Services – KIN00MM CLICK HERE
Lead Instrumentation Engineer CLICK HERE
Construction Coordinator – HVAC – KIN00MO CLICK HERE
Senior Estimator, Mining, Minerals & Metals  – MAR00NL CLICK HERE
Piping Engineer Level II – EDM01HM CLICK HERE
Senior Piping Engineer – EDM01HJ CLICK HERE
Lead Electrical Engineer – MAR00OR CLICK HERE

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Explore a fulfilling career with us as we embark on projects that shape the future of energy, infrastructure, and sustainability. Whether you’re an experienced professional or a passionate newcomer, Worley Company offers a supportive environment that encourages growth and development.

Jobs in the USA – Apply

HR Global Process Lead – Remote – HOU03QO CLICK HERE
HR Global Process Excellence Director – Remote working CLICK HERE
Senior Manager, Project Management – CON000N CLICK HERE
Senior Director, Project Management – LON033F CLICK HERE
Project Control Specialist II – HOU03OZ CLICK HERE
Senior Project Control Specialist – HOU03OY CLICK HERE
Principal Project Control Specialist – HOU03OR CLICK HERE
Senior Project Engineer – HOU03MY CLICK HERE
Senior Interface Lead – HOU03MX CLICK HERE
Planner/Scheduler II – HOU03JZ CLICK HERE
Senior Completions/Commissioning Specialist – HOU03DW CLICK HERE
People Admin – CAM001X CLICK HERE
Graduate Mechanical Engineer – REA00G6 CLICK HERE
Senior Craft Recruiter – CAM001V CLICK HERE
Graduate Electrical Engineer – REA00G7 CLICK HERE
Graduate Civil Engineer – REA00G1 CLICK HERE
Senior Electrical Engineer – MON00Z5 CLICK HERE
Project Billing Administrator – HOU03NV CLICK HERE
Senior Project HSE Advisor – HOU03QI CLICK HERE
Senior Commercial Finance Analyst – HOU03QA CLICK HERE
Sr. Mechanical Pre-Commissioning Lead – HOU03QH CLICK HERE
Principal Piping Engineer – RIC001M CLICK HERE
Project Manager – CON000M CLICK HERE
Senior Principal Structural Designer – REA00GQ CLICK HERE
Environment and Regulatory Director CLICK HERE

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Jobs in Saudi Arabia – Apply

Mechanical Engineer – AL 03A8 CLICK HERE
Senior Manager, Technical Services – SAU004F CLICK HERE
Manager, Document Control – SAU004E CLICK HERE
Senior Subsea Pipelines Designer – AL 0390 CLICK HERE
Principal Flow Assurance Engineer – AL 039C CLICK HERE
Sr. Process Safety Design Engineer (Fire Protection) – AL 039D CLICK HERE
Senior Process Designer – AL 039E CLICK HERE
Graduate Process Engineer – AL 039F CLICK HERE
Senior Project Engineer – AL 03A0 CLICK HERE
Senior Project Engineer – AL 03A2 CLICK HERE
Road Engineer – AL 039S CLICK HERE
Graduate Civil Engineer – AL 039T CLICK HERE
Project Engineer – TAB0005 CLICK HERE
Civil Engineer Level II – AL 039X CLICK HERE
Architect Designer (Revit & BIM) – AL 039Y CLICK HERE
Civil Structural Engineer  – AL 039W CLICK HERE
Senior Mechanical Engineer-HVAC, Fire Protection and Plumbing CLICK HERE
Mechanical Engineer Level II (HVAC/Plumbing) – AL 039I CLICK HERE
Mechanical Engineer II – AL 039J CLICK HERE
Senior Mechanical Engineer – AL 039K CLICK HERE
Senior Electrical Designer – AL 03AM CLICK HERE
Senior Instrumentation Engineer – EAS003U CLICK HERE
Mechanical Designer (HVAC/Plumbing/Fire) – AL 039L CLICK HERE
Piping Designer – AL 03AH CLICK HERE

Join us in Canada, the USA, or Saudi Arabia and be part of a company that values diversity, embraces innovation, and invests in its people. Your journey begins here – explore our available positions and take the first step towards a rewarding career at Worley Company.

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