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Top 7 EU Countries For Abroad Job Seekers

In a recent survey conducted by Preply, a notable trend has emerged among young professionals aged 18 to 26, showing an increasing inclination towards living abroad. The study highlights a specific interest in European Union (EU) countries, with seven of them securing positions in the top 20 destinations for these individuals.

Abroad Job Seekers

List of Top EU Destinations and Jobs:

  1. Netherlands – Click Here For Jobs
  2. Switzerland – Click Here For Jobs
  3. Italy – Click Here For Jobs
  4. Germany – Click Here For Jobs, Click Here For Jobs, Click Here For Jobs
  5. Ireland – Click Here For Jobs
  6. France – Click Here For Jobs
  7. Finland – Click Here For Jobs

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Motivations Behind the Move

Survey participants cited various reasons for their desire to relocate. The cost of living and the political environment were identified as primary factors influencing their decisions. Universal healthcare availability also played a significant role. Surprisingly, only 28% of respondents acknowledged any influence from digital nomad influencers on their decision to move abroad.

Long-Term Plans

Over one-third of surveyed individuals expressed plans for permanent relocation. An overwhelming 87% indicated that their desire to live abroad is either growing or remaining constant. Furthermore, two-thirds of respondents expressed an intent to start a family in their chosen foreign locations.

Migration Trends to Europe

Beyond the demographic of young professionals, people of all ages are increasingly migrating to Europe in search of better job opportunities and living conditions. The use of English in European institutions has facilitated this trend, minimizing language barriers for expatriates.

Balancing Work and Life

While work-life balance emerged as a highlighted factor influencing decisions, it’s important to note that various factors contribute to individuals’ choices, and work-life balance is just one among many.

The findings indicate a significant shift in the preferences of young professionals towards living abroad, with a particular focus on the diverse offerings of European Union countries.

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