Rising Trend: Canadian Employers Turn to Social Media for Screening Job Candidates

In recent years, Canadian employers have increasingly been using social media platforms to screen job candidates. This trend has been driven by the availability of personal information online and the ease with which employers can access it.

Screening Candidates

While many employers still rely on traditional methods of screening candidates, such as reviewing resumes and conducting interviews, social media has become an additional tool in the hiring process. This is particularly true for jobs in industries such as marketing, advertising, and social media management, where a candidate’s social media presence is seen as a valuable asset.

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However, the use of social media screening has raised concerns around privacy and discrimination. Employers may come across personal information on a candidate’s social media profiles that they would not otherwise have access to, such as their age, gender, sexual orientation, or political beliefs. This information could potentially be used to make hiring decisions that are discriminatory or violate human rights laws.

Social Media Screening

To address these concerns, some employers have established clear guidelines for social media screening and have trained their hiring managers on best practices. For example, they may only search for publicly available information and not request access to a candidate’s private accounts. They may also consider the relevance of any information found to the job requirements and avoid making assumptions based on personal characteristics.

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Overall, while the use of social media screening in hiring is a growing trend, it is important for employers to ensure that they are using this tool ethically and within the bounds of the law. Candidates, on the other hand, should be aware of their digital footprint and take steps to manage their online presence.

Source: Cicnews

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