Mexico Human Rights Commission Asks Immigration Officials to Expedite Entry

Mexico’s National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) on Saturday said on immigration officials to expedite the visa strategy so that nearly 2,000 migrants seeking asylum in the US and Mexico can use documents to regularize their stay in Mexico with or without them. Allowed to travel through Mexico in custody.

Mexico Human Rights Commission

Many Latin American asylum seekers in the US and Mexico are stuck in the Mexican city of Tapachula while waiting for receiving countries to process refugee visa applicants. These uncertainties have forced migrants to stay in Mexico without official documentation, making them the mark of recent security raids.

Last week, Mexican immigration agents raided migrant shelters in Tapachula, seeking to detain people with “irregular status”. Agents are usually prohibited from raiding shelters, but the huge influx of asylum seekers has pushed refugees into the roads and nearby hotels.

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The commission’s statement said that due to shelter overcrowding in Tapachula, many migrants currently survive “under conditions prejudicial to the respect of their dignity”. He called on immigration authorities such as the National Institute of Migration (INM) and the Commission for Refugee Assistance (COMAR) to provide urgently needed humanitarian assistance to these migrants. The commission also reported that they had asked INM and COMAR to “instantly form working groups to expedite migrant regularization processes or mention of refugee status”.

The refugees opposed Mexico and the US at this halted immigration entry, intimidating to form a procession and advance across the US border. Faced with force from the US to slow the discharge of migrants into the country, Mexico’s INM told protesters last week that there is “no need for a march or protest” for migrants to complete their paperwork.

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