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Jobs In Australia: Trades, Health Care, Hospitality And Other Industries Breaking Records

Jobs In Australia: For the second month in a row, April job listings on SEEK Australia broke information, with 11 industries recording their highest job ad volume.

According to SEEK’s April job report, trade and providers, hospitality and tourism, and healthcare and medicine top the list, with job announcements up 11.9 percent month-on-month. The listing also confirmed year-on-year growth of 263.7 percent and 30.9 percent analyzed to the figures for April 2019.

Kendra Banks, managing director of SEEK Australia, noted this increase in jobs coincided with the growth of the “typical” job market, with April usually being a quiet month due to the impression of the Easter holidays.

Jobs In Australia: According to SEEK’s April Job Report

“The Covid boom continues to accelerate, and mainly in small and medium-sized businesses,” he said. “Job ad volume in the hospitality and tourism industry increased 21.7 percent month-on-month and is 16 times higher from April 2021 to April 2020.”

“There are parts that are driving these big numbers that are important to consider, including many of the currently announced jobs for roles that were removed in the past year.

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The boom in job ads also correlated with a sharp decrease in applications per ad, with rates being the lowest since 2012.

“The reasons for this include that workers display a more careful attitude towards the job market, and lower labor supply changes the experience to fill roles,” Ms. Banks noted.

Australia’s Unemployment Rate

Notwithstanding this, Australia’s unemployment rate decreased 0.2 percent to 55.5 percent in April, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics report. In addition, month-on-month unemployment value (now 7.8 percent) and support price (now 66 percent) have also come down.

The impact of the end of the Jobkeeper wage subsidy, which ended March 28, was also reflected in the unemployment data for April. Despite this, the ABS reported that while they expected the adjustment to “result in some people losing their jobs or changing jobs”, this was not the case.

“Changes in employment and hours between March and April did not identify a clear overall impact from the end of JobKeeper,” he acknowledged.

The diversity of April’s industry-specific record-breaking job ads was additional evidence of Australia’s job ad resumption. All industries, except farming, livestock, and conservation, reported month-on-month growth, with 11 industries recording the most listings in’s history.

In Order Of Advert Quantity, They Had Been:

  1. Trades and providers
  2. Hospitality and tourism
  3. Healthcare and medical
  4. Manufacturing, transport, and logistics
  5. Education and coaching
  6. Retail and shopper merchandise
  7. Community providers and growth
  8. Marketing and communications
  9. Government and defence
  10. Farming, animals and conservation
  11. Sports and recreation

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