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Italy’s New Immigration Policy and Youth Asylum Seekers

In recent developments, Italy’s Council of Ministers has given its nod to a new immigration policy designed to bolster the country’s immigration regulations. This policy has the potential to eliminate special age-related protections previously extended to young asylum seekers. It represents the latest in a series of reforms aimed at addressing the growing influx of migrants arriving in Europe, with a significant portion landing on Italy’s shores, as reported by the Xinhua news agency.

New Immigration Policy

Under the newly approved policy, authorities will have the authority to assess the ages of unaccompanied newcomers. If, through this assessment, it is determined that these individuals are older than 16, they may be placed in adult detention centers, which are already operating beyond their intended capacity.

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Before this policy change, children arriving in Italy without a guardian were afforded special protections under a European Union (EU) policy that was put in place six years ago. This policy shift also empowers authorities to deport foreign nationals who are deemed to pose a risk to public order or national security.

In another recent development, the government has granted border officials the authority to detain individuals in detention centers for a maximum period of 18 months.

200,000 Migrants

According to data provided by the International Organization for Migration, the European Union has witnessed the arrival of nearly 200,000 migrants by both land and sea routes so far this year. Among these arrivals, approximately two-thirds have made landfall in Italy.

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